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Enhance Your Videos with Ease Using fylm AI
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Enhance Your Videos with Ease Using fylm AI is a cloud-based platform that harnesses the power of AI for color grading and collaboration tools. With, users can effortlessly create stunning looks using deep learning neural networks, transforming their videos in seconds. The platform offers professional-grade features like RGB Parades, Waveform, Vectorscope, and Histogram to ensure precise and confident color grading. Collaborating with teams and clients is made easy, allowing for quick turnarounds and streamlined feedback. supports a wide range of file formats, making it compatible with DSLR, Mirrorless, Smartphone, and Digital Back files.

Exciting Features of fylm AI:

  • Collaboration: Users can collaborate privately with their team or clients, enabling seamless communication and feedback gathering. Comments can be inserted, and clients can assign statuses to assets, such as “Approved.”
  • API Access: With API access, users can integrate into their own applications or services, expanding its functionality.
  • User Roles: Assigning roles such as Admin and Editor provides better control and customization for team members.
  • Payment Options: Convenient payment options include credit cards, PayPal, and other available methods.
  • LUTs Builder: The Magic Mode feature allows users to create a color grade using 12 structured steps, providing a hassle-free color grading experience.

Billing and Subscriptions offers both monthly and annual billing cycles, with a 15% discount for annual subscriptions. Users have the flexibility to modify their subscription through their account settings on the dashboard. Partial refunds for any unused days in the billing period are provided, ensuring fair usage and billing.

In Conclusion revolutionizes video editing with its AI-powered color grading and collaboration tools. With its intuitive platform and professional-grade features, users can effortlessly enhance their videos, achieving stunning looks in seconds. Collaboration is made seamless, allowing for quick turnarounds and effective feedback gathering.’s compatibility with various file formats ensures broad usability. Explore the range of features, including API access, user roles, and convenient payment options. Optimize your video editing process with and unlock a new level of creativity. Visit today to elevate your video editing experience.

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