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Mubert is an innovative company that aims to empower creators around the globe by providing a unique platform that integrates artificial intelligence with music creation
Mubert AI


Mubert is an innovative company that aims to empower creators around the globe by providing a unique platform that integrates artificial intelligence with music creation. By fusing AI with the talents of musicians, Mubert is altering the way music is created, experienced, and licensed.

The Genesis of Mubert

Mubert’s journey began with a singular aim: to develop a new kind of adaptive music using artificial intelligence. Initially, the company created a platform that connected musicians with listeners. It quickly gained recognition and grew, as evidenced by the Mubert mobile app, which was featured as “App of the Day” in over 170 countries. The company didn’t stop there and continued to develop unique B2B solutions, perpetually improving its ecosystem.

Democratizing the Creator Economy

Mubert believes that content creators should have immediate access to bespoke music. The platform boasts an extensive database of pre-made tracks and offers real-time generative music, allowing users to unleash their creativity. With over a million samples from more than 4,000 musicians, and a plethora of license types and dynamic streaming presets, Mubert stands as one of the most versatile and potent licensing platforms.

Customized Music with Mubert Render

The challenge for content creators in standing out is exacerbated when using free stock music or tunes from common libraries, which may have been overused. Mubert offers a solution to this predicament. Through Mubert Render, users can instantly generate an audio track of a specific length, genre, and mood, enabling unprecedented customization of music. Moreover, Mubert has a vast database of categorized music tracks, carefully curated by its staff, spanning over 100 genres and various attributes, expediting the creative process.

Empowering Artists and Musicians

Mubert is not only an asset for content creators but also a boon for artists, musicians, and producers, allowing them to monetize their art. It offers music-makers an avenue to earn money, reducing their financial dependency on publishers or live shows. Additionally, creators have the assurance that they are licensing professional-level audio material from real musicians and producers.

Protecting Creative Work

Navigating the labyrinthine world of copyright can be daunting. Mubert understands this and ensures that when creators license royalty-free music through its platform, it is compatible with all major platforms worldwide, mitigating the risks of DMCA claims and strikes. Furthermore, Mubert offers a variety of licensing types, catering to the diverse needs of creators, broadcasters, app developers, and advertisers. Custom-made licenses are also available for businesses with specific requirements.

Mubert: A Next-Generation Music Platform

Engaging with Mubert means being part of the next generation of the music landscape. As one of the most innovative and multi-dimensional music tech platforms, Mubert aspires to inspire, transform, and help propel the music industry forward by fostering connections among musicians, creators, and brands.


Mubert is at the forefront of revolutionizing the music industry by providing a platform that empowers content creators and artists alike. With its cutting-edge technology, extensive database, and commitment to facilitating creativity and protecting work, Mubert is poised to be an indispensable resource for the global creator community.

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