4 AI Marketing Tools for Business, Marketing & Freelancer

4 AI Marketing Tools for Business, Marketing & Freelancer

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Hi, welcome back to my artificial intelligence tutorial channel! Today, we’ll explore four AI marketing tools that can elevate our business or career to the next level. You can even use these AI tools to start as a freelancer or launch your own digital marketing business! Let’s dive right in!

AI Tools for Marketing

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1 . AI tool for keyword research .

For this task, we’ll use a free AI keyword research tool from Ryan Robinson’s website. You can find all the links in the video description. To research your focus keyword, simply type your niche or base keywords and click the Go button. This AI tool will provide keyword suggestions with search volume and difficulty. You can also generate title ideas using their AI title generator by clicking the bulb icon, selecting the Ideas template, and clicking Generate ideas. The AI tool will present you with several title suggestions.

2 . AI tool for copywriting .

For copywriting, Writesonic is one of the best AI copywriting tools in the market. With the free edition, you can use up to 10,000 words. This AI tool can help us create SEO-friendly and engaging articles, ads, general writing, e-commerce content, social media content, websites, and offers many more features. In this tutorial video, we’ll explore two features from Writesonic AI. Let’s begin with their AI product description generator. To generate an SEO-friendly description for your product, enter your product or service name, input your product characteristics, select the tone of voice, and enter your target keyword. Choose the language and quality type, then click Generate to start creating your SEO-friendly product description. The AI tool will provide you with multiple options. Select the best one and copy your description. Now let’s try their AI tool for Facebook ads. Enter your product or service name, input the product details, select the occasion if applicable, and add promotions if needed. Choose the language and quality type. Click Generate to create your Facebook ads content. The AI tool will offer several options. Select the best one and copy your ad text.

3 . AI Tool for Marketing.

To boost your sales or conversion rates, you can use Bhuman AI. This AI tool revolutionizes the connection between businesses and customers by generating unique and personalized videos for each customer. Let’s start by watching their personalized video for a loan program demo. Now, let’s create our own personalized video. After registering with Bhuman AI, you’ll receive 15 free video credits. From the dashboard, click Community Template to generate a new video using their premade templates. Select a template that suits your needs and play it before proceeding. Set the mapping column header and click Generate Video to start. The AI tool will generate videos for each customer in your CSV file. You can download the videos, GIF images, or use the online Vimeo version created by the AI tool automatically. Now you can send these videos to your customers by attaching them or embedding the Vimeo link. You can also directly share them using Mailchimp integration.

4 . AI tools for advertising .

To create high-conversion-rate ads, let’s try AdCreative AI. They provide 10 free credits for new accounts. To start using this AI tool, click Create Brand and enter your brand information. Click Save and Continue to proceed. Now you can select your ad format from their ad templates and add a project description and your target audience.

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