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Hi, welcome back to my channel! In this video, I will show you how to change your AI avatar’s clothes or outfits using the new feature from Heygen AI video generator. This feature is mind-blowing! Now you can change your AI avatar’s clothes to whatever style you want, whether it’s a news anchor outfit, fitness outfit, party outfit, or anything you can imagine. The amazing thing is that when you change your avatar’s outfit, it will also affect the avatar’s body style, making it unique and genuine.

If you are new to this channel or don’t know how to access this AI tool, you can find the free trial link in this video’s description, and I’ll give you a short guide on how to create a free trial account. This video will be divided into 5 parts, where we will try some outfit examples like a casual outfit, a kimono, and a basketball outfit. So let’s get started!

    To try this feature for free, you have to create a free trial account. You can find the registration link in this video’s description. After the webpage is fully loaded, click the Try HeyGen for free button, and then click the Sign In button to start the registration process. You can register using your email, Gmail, or Facebook account. After the registration process is completed, you will get free credits.
    Step 1: To start creating a video and customize your AI avatar’s outfit, go to the home page and click the Create Video button, then select the video orientation.
    Step 2: After the video editor screen is loaded, click on the Get Your Own button under the Avatar Pro menu and select Create AI Outfit.
    Step 3: After the dialog screen is loaded, select the avatar you want to use.
    Step 4: You can use their built-in prompt or type your own prompt to match your desired needs. Click the Send button to tell the AI to create an option from your prompt.
    Step 5: Select the outfit style provided by the AI and click the Send button to start generating your outfit. This AI tool will give you four outfit options. If you’re not satisfied with the result, you can press the Refresh button to generate a new one. After you find the best one, select that avatar and click the Save button to save it in your avatar library.
    Step 1: To start using your new avatar, click or select the avatar and resize it if needed. After that, type your text or upload your own voice.
    Step 2: To add a background to your video, go to the element menu and select an image or video that matches your video theme. Right-click the element and select Set as Background. You can preview before rendering by clicking the preview button.
    Step 3: You can also change the voice-over style. After everything is set, click Submit to start rendering your AI avatar video.
    Step 4: After the rendering process is finished, you can download your video by clicking the Download button.
    Now let’s try changing our avatar’s outfit with a Japanese kimono. Here are the results from this tutorial video.
    Now let’s try changing our avatar’s outfit with a basketball outfit. Here are the results from this tutorial.

You can imagine whatever you want for your AI avatar’s outfit, but there are some restrictions. Thank you for watching! Please subscribe, like, and share to support this channel. See you in the next AI video generator tutorial. Bye-bye!

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