Free AI Tools for Youtuber & Creator : AI Content Generator

Free AI Tools for Youtuber & Creator : AI Content Generator #ai #aitools #chatgpt #artificialintelligence #freeaitools

Hi, welcome back to my artificial intelligence tutorial channel. In today’s video, I will show you how to easily generate content titles, scripts, descriptions, keywords, thumbnails, and voice-overs with just one command using a free AI tool. This AI tool is still new and currently free to use, so let’s get started!

AI Content Generator

How To Create Video Using AI Tools Tutorial

How To Create Video Using AI Tools & ChatGPT

How To Create Video from URL

Other AI Video Editor Options :

InVideo :

Fliki :

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Hippo Video :

First, go to the VidIQ main page. You can use the link in the video description. Next, go to the Features menu and select the AI Content Generator. All you need to do is type in your idea for the content and click the ‘Go’ button. In this video, I asked the VidIQ AI to generate content about ‘How to use ChatGPT’. The AI Content Generator will create a title for your video, a description, a video script, a voice-over, keywords or hashtags, and a thumbnail or background. You can easily copy the text and download the image and audio for free. Then, you can execute your content to video using an AI video generator such as AI Studio, Heygen, InVideo, or Canva. You can also use a free video from Pexels, and edit it using Capcut free edition. If you don’t know how to generate video using AI tools, you can watch my tutorial video. I’ve included all links in the video description. Now, what if you have no ideas for content? You can use VidIQ’s AI Coach feature to help you find ideas for your content. You have to register with VidIQ to use this feature, but it’s also free to use. After you log in to your VidIQ account, go to the AI Coach page and type in your command. The AI Coach will give you some ideas about content for the given keyword. You can then copy the generated title and idea and go back to the AI Content Generator to start generating new content. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me in the comment section.

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