FREE Canva Alternative & Powered By AI ( AI Tutorial )

FREE Canva Alternative & Powered By AI

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Hi, welcome back to my AI tutorial channel. In this 6 minutes AI tutorial video, I will show you how to create images for social media content using AI and how to convert them into animation videos. This free tool works like Canva, and we can use their AI assistant to help us create engaging content just by typing command prompts.

New Adobe Express

My AI Avatar Generator

My YouTube SEO Tool

My Video Editor

Adobe Avatar Animation Tutorial

How To Create Video Like This

Part 1: Introduction

You will need an Adobe account to access this new Adobe Express. This new version is powered by Adobe AI Tools. You can create almost everything using this tool, such as social media content, videos, talking avatars, photos, documents, marketing content, an AI logo generator, and many more. In this tutorial, we will create an Instagram content using AI.

Part 2: Create Image Background using AI Tool

Now, let’s create an image background for our Instagram content. Click the “Text to Image” button. Choose the square aspect ratio and type your prompt in the prompt box. After that, choose your content type. You can choose a photo, graphic, or art. You can also choose your image style from the options menu. Once everything is set, click the “Generate” button to start generating our AI image. This AI image generator will give us four options. If you are not satisfied with the results, click the “Load More” button to generate another four options.

Part 3: Create Object Image using AI tool

Now, let’s create our main object image. In this example, we will create futuristic shoes using AI. Click the “Text to Image” button, select the square aspect ratio, and type your prompt. After you have the desired image, click the back button and click the “Remove Background” button. You can add effects to our background to match our main image. To do that, click the “Effect” menu and choose effects that match your style

Part 4: Create Beautiful Text Using AI tool

Now let’s add text to our design using AI. To do that, click the “Text” button. Edit your text, its position, and size. To add effects to our text, you can choose from the text effect list by clicking the “Text Effect” menu. Alternatively, you can create your own text style to match your design. To do that, click the back button and type your desired text style in the prompt box. If you want to change the text style, you can click the “Remove Effect” button and type your new prompt. Part 5: Image to Animation. Now let’s convert our image content into an animation video to make it more Engaging for viewers. To do that, click on our main image and click the “Animation” menu. Click the “Looping” option and select an animation style.

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