Make MONEY With AI : Create Animation Using ChatGPT AI & Canva

How to Make MONEY With AI : Create Animation Using ChatGPT AI, Text to Speech AI, Adobe Audio to Animation & Canva AI

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ChatGPT Tutorial

AI Tutorial

Adobe Animation Tutorial

How To Create Video Like This

Hi, welcome back to my channel. Today I’ll show you how everyone can create animation video easily using chatgpt, canva, adobe express and text to speech ai tools, without any knowledge about animation needed. All you need is just to follow all easy step by step.

Part 1: Create Free Video Script

To create our video script, we will use ChatGPT AI. Simply type what kind of video script you want, the target market, and other details. In this tutorial video, we will create a video animation for kids to learn animal names.

Part 2: Create Free AI Voice

Now let’s convert our video script to audio using the free text-to-speech AI by Kreado AI. To use their free text-to-speech AI, you will need a Kreado AI account. Click the login/register button to start creating a new account. After you have a Kreado AI account, log in and click the AI Tool menu, then select the AI Text Dubbing option.

Part 3: Create Free Talking Avatar

Now let’s create a talking avatar from our audio files. To do this, we will use the free talking avatar maker from Adobe. To use this tool, you will need an Adobe Express account.

Part 4: Create Static Animation

To create background animation for our video, we can use Canva. If you don’t have a Canva account, you can register using the link in the video description. After logging in to your Canva account, choose the Videos menu and select the YouTube video option.

Part 5: Create Custom Animation

Similar to the previous step, before adding any objects, let’s customize the animation video length. Ensure that this background video length matches the talking avatar video length.

Part 6: Finishing

Now let’s combine all video parts into one. You can use any video editor for this. In this video, I will use Wondershare Filmora. Import all your video parts. First, add all background videos to the first layer. Then, add our talking avatar video to the upper layer. To remove the green background from our avatar video, click the Chroma Key button.

By following this AI Animation tutorial step by step, I hope you can now create your own animation video. Remember, the purpose of this video is to demonstrate how to combine all the tools to create a simple video animation. That means you can create a better video than mine. You can also add background music from the YouTube Studio Music Library or generate your own music using an AI music generator.

Thank you for watching this AI tutorial video. Please like, subscribe, and share this video to support my work. See you in the next AI tutorial video! Bye bye!

Video Sections :

00:00 WOW

00:20 Intro How to Create Animation With AI

00:45 Create YouTube Video Script Using ChatGPT AI

01:12 Create Free Text To Speech AI

02:28 Create Free Talking Avatar

04:25 Create Static Animation Using Canva

06:20 Create Custom Animation Using Canva

08:19 Edit Green Screen Video Using Filmora

10:36 Outro AI Tutorial

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