ChatGPT + Midjourney + Adobe Stock

The EASIEST WAY To Make MONEY Online with AI – NO SKILLS Required!

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Unlock the potential of AI and start earning money online effortlessly. Watch our video and learn how you can make money online without any skills required. With this innovative solution, you’ll discover the easiest way to generate income and reach financial freedom. Don’t miss out, start today! The best investment is not in crypto or stocks. But in zero-cost digital product that sell. Today I’ll show you how AI can help us make money as easily as ABC, even for the laziest person on earth.

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Register to Adobe Stock :

Image Upsacler Online :

How to Use ChatGPT :

How to Use Midjourney :

Midjourney Prompt : “Your Text” + –ar 16:9 –quality 5 –v 4 –upbeta

Step 1: Open and click the Sell Menu and “Join Now” button to create a seller ac count. You can use your email, Google or Facebook account to register.

Step 2: Research profitable products. Go to, click the “View Panel” button and check the “Illustration” option, choose your desired orientation, and sort by “Downloads.” Select the type of image you want and copy the title and save it in a notepad. Also, copy all related keywords and save them for later.

Step 3: Create AI art using Midjourney Version 4, which supports multiple aspect ratios. Use the parameters outlined in the video description. Improve the title with keywords you think will sell. Save the best result on your computer.

Step 4: Upscale your image using Choose the 400% option, upload your photo, press start, and wait for the process to complete. Download the upscaled product to your computer.

Step 5: Improve your title with related keywords and ask ChatGPT to make it SEO-friendly.Ask ChatGPT to separate the product keywords with commas and create an SEO-friendly description for your title. Back to the Adobe Stock website, press the “Upload” button and change your file name to the SEO-friendly title to improve its metadata. Paste the title, description, and keywords. Choose “Illustration” for the file type and check the “Created using generative AI tools” option. Click the “Submit” button.

Allow 2-3 days for moderation. Thank you for watching, and see you in the next money-making video tutorial.

The Easiest Way To Make Money Online with AI in 2023 Sections :

00:00 Opening How To Make Money Online with AI 2023

00:17 Step #1 : Create Adobe Seller Account

00:34 Step #2 : Adobe Stock Product Research

01:25 Step #3 : How to Create AI Image with Midjourney V 4

01:43 Step #4 : How to Upscale Image Online for Free

02:06 Step #5 : Sell Image & Search Engine Optimization

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