This AI Tool Makes ChatGPT Create TEXT TO VIDEO Content! Elai Not Bing

Bring your video ideas to life in no time! With ChatGPT’s AI-based text-to-video generator, you can quickly create captivating videos that wow your viewers and help you gain a bigger audience on YouTube

Free Elai AI Tool :

By mastering this AI video creation tool, you can benefit in the following ways

1. Time and Cost Efficiency

This tool can help you create videos in a matter of minutes, saving you time and money that would have been spent on hiring professionals or using more time-consuming tools.

2. Increased Creativity

The ease of use and the range of features available in the tool can provide you with more opportunities to be creative with your videos and express your ideas in new and exciting ways.

3. Career Advancement

Mastering this AI tool can give you an edge in your career, especially in fields such as marketing, advertising, social media, and content creation.

4. Entrepreneurship

With the ease and speed of video creation, you can create videos more efficiently for your businesses or start your own video creation services.

5. Personal Growth

By learning new skills and mastering this tool, you can boost your confidence and enhance your personal and professional growth.

6. Exta Benefit

Impress Your Crush. You can create personalized videos, such as birthday wishes, can be a thoughtful and creative way to show someone you care about them, and potentially deepen your relationship with them. 🙂

This AI Tool Makes ChatGPT Generate Text-to-Video in Seconds! With this AI tool, you can create a video in minutes with just a single line of command. In this video, I will demonstrate how to do it and show you the results. Please stay tuned and consider subscribing to my channel to support me. Thank you!

Part 1 : REGISTER To Elai AI Tool

Open and Click Try Elai for Free to register. Fill the form and confirm your email to get started.

Part 2 : GENERATE VIDEO Elai Ai Tool

Step 1 : Click Using GPT3. And enter your prompt. in this video I asked GPT3 to create a video about AI in the next 20 years.

Step 2 : Click Select Template and choose your template. And click Create video to start generating your video.

Part 3: FINE-TUNE With Ai Tool

After your video created, check your video layout and content. You can edit and change if needed.

Step 1 : Select the best voice actor for your video. Click apply to all to apply audio to all video

Step 2 : You can improve your video by change its background with stock image or video provided by the website. Use search bar to search desired video. Select video, and click Add button to add this video to our project. Click apply as background to use this video as background

Step 3 : Edit title and text if needed, you can also add animation to it.

Step 4 : Edit video script if needed. Step 5 : You can add music to from music library.

Step 6 : You can change video aspect ratio and add hardsub


If everything is good, click render button to start rendering process, you will get your video link in your email. It’s need several minutes to get done. Check your email and download the video.

Text to Video AI Tool Tutorial Chapter :

00:00 Opening Text to Video Tutorial

00:19 Register to Text to Video Generator – ELAI Ai Tool

00:36 Create Text to Video with ChatGPT and Elai AI Tools

00:58 Choose Video Template

01:22 How to Change Video AI Tool Voice Over

01:44 How to Change AI Video Background

02:08 Edit AI Video Title & Text

02:18 Add Animation to AI Video

02:23 Edit AI Video Script

02:33 Enhance Your AI Video

02:54 Add Music to Your AI Video

03:08 Change Video Ratio & Add Hard Sub / Auto Video Subtitles

03:21 Render AI Video

03:41 Download Your AI-Generated Video

03:54 The Result of AI-Generated Video using ChatGPT and

04:50 See You in The Next AI Video Tutorial!

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