Try ChatGPT 4 For FREE NOW! Chat GPT Plus

Try ChatGPT 4 For FREE NOW! Chat GPT Plus

Try ChatGPT 4 For FREE NOW! Chat GPT Plus

Hi, welcome back to my channel. In this video, I’ll help you try Chat GPT-4 for free before you decide whether to purchase it or not.

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To participate in the Try GPT-4 for Free’ event, please post your prompts in the comment section below this video. Each participant can submit up to 5 prompts. Remember to keep your prompts appropriate; avoid any racist, sexual, or offensive content. If you want to submit more prompts, please reply to your own comment rather than creating a new one. Once we have generated your prompts, we will upload the results to our website and notify you of your result code by responding to your comment.

To access your prompt results, simply follow these easy steps.

Open the AI Tools Arena website. Click on the Prompt Menu. In the search bar, type the code you received in your comment. Click Search. Once the article is found, open it, and click anywhere within the results area to copy the result text. Open a text editor and paste the text. That’s all

We will assist you with your prompts whenever we have free time. We’re not sure when this event will end, but if it’s no longer available, we’ll inform you in a pinned comment on this video. So, give this free trial event a try before it ends. Thank you for watching, and we’ll see you in upcoming videos about AI.

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