FREE AI Video Generator + Avatar + Copywriting + Text to Speech Free

FREE AI Video Generator + Avatar + Copywriting + Text to Speech Free

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This is what you’ve been looking for! A 4-in-1 AI tool that can create videos, avatars, text-to-speech, and copywriting for free!

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Hi, welcome back to my artificial intelligence tutorial channel. Today, I will review a free AI tool that can generate video, text-to-speech, and copywriting. Currently, this AI tool is free, and I don’t know how long it will stay that way. This video is divided into five parts. In Part 1, I will give you a short introduction to this tool. In Part 2, we will test the video generator feature. In Part 3, we will test the copywriting tool. In Part 4, we will test the text-to-speech feature. And in the last part, I will show you a 15-character demo in 15 different languages. So let’s get started! Oh, wait a minute. I’m creating this video for hours just for you, so would you give 10 seconds of your time to like and comment on this video? Okay, you are so kind! Thank you so much!

To start using this AI tool for free, go to the Kreado AI website. You can find the link in this video description. Register using your email or Gmail. After finishing registration, go to the AI tool page. Currently, you can use their AI video generator, including avatars, AI copywriting tool, and AI text dubbing or text-to-speech. They also have an AI tool for creating customizable AI avatars, but it’s not available yet. First, let’s try their AI video and avatar generator. Go to the AI tool dashboard and select the oral broadcast video creation menu. Select your language, voice character tone, and language style. You can use their AI copywriting for generating text content for your video. In this example, I will use my own text. After that, click the audition button to listen to the audio results. If you’re satisfied with the voice, you can continue to select your AI avatar model. They have many different models and separate them into US and Europe, Asian, Japan and Korea, Southeast Asia, India, and Middle East. Select your preferred model and click the generate video button to start rendering your video. Here is the resulting video. You can download video, subtitle, and audio for free. Now let’s try their free AI copywriting tool. From the AI tool homepage, click the AI marketing copy generation menu. Enter your target keyword and explain what you want to create in the text description section. After that, select your target language and select the maximum amount of text. Click the generate copy button to start generating your marketing content. Select the best result and click the copy button to copy the result. Now let’s try their free text-to-speech AI. From the AI tool homepage, click the AI text dubbing. Select your language, character tone, and paste your text into the text content section. You can also use the built-in AI copywriting for content creation. Click the audition button to listen to your audio preview. After you’re satisfied with the result, click the confirm button and download your audio file If you want to learn more about AI for free, be sure to subscribe to How to in 5 Minutes channel for regular updates and new content! ai video generator,ai video editing,text to speech,free text to speech,ai video editor,ai video generator free,ai video maker,text to video ai,text to speech ai,text to speech free,text to video,chatgpt to video,ai copywriting,ai voice generator free,ai voice,ai,artificial intelligence,chatgpt,midjourney,midjourney ai,ai voice generator,ai voice gene,ai avatar generator free,ai avatar,ai video,free ai,ai tools,free ai video,free ai tools,gpt #aivideogenerator #aivideoediting #texttospeech #freetexttospeech #aivideoeditor #aivideogeneratorfree #aivideomaker #texttovideoai #texttospeechai #texttospeechfree #texttovideo #chatgpttovideo #aicopywriting #aivoicegeneratorfree #aivoice #ai #artificialintelligence #chatgpt #midjourney #midjourneyai #aivoicegenerator #aivoicegene #aiavatargeneratorfree #aiavatar #aivideo #freeai #aitools #freeaivideo #freeaitools #gpt

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