How I Created 4 Songs Using a Free AI Tool in 5 Minutes!

How I Created 4 Songs Using a Free AI Tool in 5 Minutes!

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Don’t let your musical ideas go to waste! With the help of AI, you can bring them to life with ease!

SongR AI Music & Song Generator :

My AI Video Editor :

AI Vocal Remover :

How To Create AI Music :

Hi! Welcome back to my Artificial Intelligence Tutorial channel! Today, I’m thrilled to show you how you can create four amazing songs using a free AI song and music generator. This cutting-edge tool is still in beta, but it can already generate music, vocals, lyrics, and videos in just one click. Plus, it covers a wide range of music genres, including pop, hip-hop, cafe, and rock. Check out the video description for the URL. Let’s dive in and get started! Go to the SongR website and click the Try SongR App Now button to open the AI song generator page. If you have your own lyrics, or if you want to use ChatGPT to create your song lyrics, you can click the I have my own lyrics button and paste your lyrics. However, the maximum character allowed in this BETA version is 750 characters. If you want this AI tool to create the lyrics for you, just type your prompt in the prompt bar and click the Generate button to start generating your song lyrics. If you’re not satisfied with the lyrics, you can regenerate by clicking the Try Again button. This AI tool gives us only two AI vocalists for our song; in this part, we will use Emily’s voice. After you get the best lyrics, click Render to start generating your song. Here are the results. You can download the video and audio files by clicking the ‘Download’ button.

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